My friend Gary, the Cowboy Yoga guy

This is a great video which illustrates Gary’s work.

The boys are my sons Jakob and Johannes. I did camera and helped Gary editing and do the voice over.


Season’s Greetings

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Pilates and stress relieve

Since a couple of months I am taking a Pilates session once a week. Kate Wodash, a client of mine, offered the first sessions for free, because she was so satisfied with my service to her. ‘Why not’ I said to myself, I also was curious, ‘What is Pilates?’. Now I am enjoying it so much. Without her introduction I would have never taken Pilates.

When Misty, a participant of my web 2.0 workshop, started her ‘Tranquility CS’s blog‘ in her opening post she writes: “Each post will provide the latest tips, techniques, and articles to help you relieve the effects of stress including: stress-related headaches, neck, and shoulder pain.”

Reading that I realize most of the trainings like Pilates are focused on people who have pain. I always see myself as healthy and sometimes I have a little pain. I had no idea that all that pain is stress related and that a lot of tension is not yet painful. I have no idea under how much pressure and stress my body is, just because of my normal work day. Sitting at the computer, my mind works hard, my body is not moving. Because I create value and receive value through that work I don’t have the experience of being frozen, but my body is most of the day not moving at all, only my fingers and my eyes.

I am so happy that Kate sold me on Pilates, even I thought I don’t need it. She did know I need it, she could see it in my body. I started most of all because I trusted her.

How do you sell to people who think they don’t need your service or product after you as the expert see they need it? This question sounds already like you have to sell. If you ask Kate, she did not sell at all. For her it is a surprise to have me as a repeating customer and fan who refers new clients.

What Kate did: She never stopped inviting, subtle and playful. If you ask me what kept her going: Her love for people and her passion for her business, that’s what I sense.

How to build a paper airplane

This is the first video my son Jakob shot with our new Flip Video camera.

Users decide on features

That is customer service. I just wanted to start to explain my wife we have to make one list of movies.

Make your customers happy.

Slideshow by Tara Hunt.


Yesterday evening the TV show ‘Docubloggers’ by KLRU, a local affiliate of PBS aired a great portrait of my wife Dana. This little clip tells part of her story and how she developed our business with me together. Enjoy!